Keen Whisper Sandal Womens KEN0244 COFLIQYL S12 $67.46 Pull on the KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal before you take on the white caps at the Royal Gouge. Keen gave this sandal a heel strap and quickdraw elastic cord to ensure you don’t lose your sandals when you step into rushing water. The polyester webbing with antimicrobial treatment prevents your feet from smelling like a river bed when you’re back at camp, and KEEN’s patented toe protection prevents underwater debris from slowing you down. The EVA footbed keeps your dogs comfortable for the long haul, and the grippy rubber sole helps you stay upright on slippery surfaces.

Elastic cording provides a secure fit and is. The washable upper makes Keen Newport H2 Sandal Toddler Ken0357 Dreblu S10.

The perfect warm weather partner The Keen Whisper Womens Walking Sandals feature technologies that make water filled days supremely comfortable with its. 0 Materials 0 Fit Check out the Keen Whisper Womens Sandal here Weve let.

Eligible for free shipping and free returns. Upper secure fit.

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Buy Keen Womens Whisper Sandal from Keen Whisper Sandal Womens Ken0244 Cofliqyl Fashion Sandals at Amazon.

Keen women sandal the Whisper is designed with a cushioned footbed and a washable polyester webbing upper. This airy lightweight sandal is an all around adventurer. Buy the KEEN Whisper Sandal Womens Coffee Liqueur Keen Yellow Keen Newport H2 Sandal Toddler Ken0357 Mdnav S12. 0 0 0 0 T0 Z. 0 days free exchange or return. KEEN Whisper Sandal Womens Canton Bayou.

Elastic cording gives it a secure fit easy to adjust in or out of the water.

KEEN womens Whisper is a lower profile version of our popular Newport hiking sandals.

These lightweight sandals feature a washable upper secure fit Keen Whisper Sandal Womens Ken0244 Bla S9.

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